…don’t get robbed

There are few gold rules to follow to keep ur good safe in any massage parlor or even “nest”! First of all ask if there is a safe case where you can deposit your things and keep the key on you. Or simply care your things with you even when you go to shower! Make sure that the parlor has the rule to disallow girls to enter the massage room as long as you are away to shower! Our parlor will always respect these rules and nobody has ever lost, forgot or been robbed ever!  Our masseuses will keep the room’s door closed and join u or await for u in front of the bathroom and never get into teh room if u arent there!

DO NOT let your goods in the car! Park your car very close to teh parlor’s location so the security cameras can reach your car!

Keep away from this woman, she keeps trying to work for a day or two in different parlors then she steals and leave! She’s also an escort of keep away from her!



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