Fake pics for publicity

Most of erotic massage parlors own a website with girls pics and most do public pics to get customers in several online sites. But did you know that most of pics are either fake (taken from web) or do not represent the girls who are working there at the moment of your call!

How to avoid fakes: always try to figure if they are taken in parlor’s location! Try to choose parlors who keep the girl’s name and parlor brand stamp on pics. That way u can give a call and ask about a girl who appears in announcement!

Watch out for edited pics! There are many photographers who send offers to parlors and many parlors do the trick and deal with such persons! Here is an example, an offer we’ve received by email and of course we REJECTED!

Photographer:   ” I collaborate/ work with other parlors like your and, just like i proceed with them, i propose you to do same. We set a date (a day usually poor in clients), we try so all girls get trough this photo session (if not possible, we set another date as well), each girl must take 20-30 images, pics taken in massage rooms and common space of location. PICS will be all edited, I will hide some body parts, like face, intimate areas and will have two format types as dimension and resolution. The price for a session is 60-80 ron / each girl (depending on editing needs, breasts not firm, too fat body, i will edit in Photoshop so the model will be excellent presented)” 

So you shall choose a parlor who has amateur pics not HD ones! Easy to figure that!

On our website as well as in our online publicity we guarantee that our pics are amateur, non-edited, girls are real, and most of all they do work in our location and can be found here!

Here’s a link who might help you to figure out if the pics you have found are stolen from web (unless is hard edited)I

http://www.tineye.com/    go there, upload the image you want to check and you’ll see where is taken from!

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