Are you a clean customer?

There are a few (not many) clients who simply don’t know about elemental hygiene facts but they are great critics when it comes about the girl’s body! They tend to hurry to write down on forums and blogs about how less permissive was the girl!

There are also customers who reply : ” I don’t need a shower, i just got one at home before came here!”

But wait! Have you ever considered that on your way from home to the massage room and girl’s body, your hand got in touch with so many things )doors, car, keys, money, gates, cigarets, and list can go on)???

So when you feel like you want to use ur hand and fingers to touch the fresh shaved and delicate intimate zone of the girl, remember that your hand might carry lots of microbes!

Its okay if you rather like to take shower in ur own bathroom at home, but please take a moment and wash your hands and also use the hygiene solution you will find in the room, right BEFORE & after massage session! That’s why and how a boring and restricted massage session can become a ” wow, that was great” and permissive one!

Our girls may take between 4 and 8 showers each working day / night and she still can get one for you before session start! Can you  do the same, please?? Thanks!


Facts: The masseuse gets in body to body contact with several guys in a month period! She has the responsibility to take periodical medical controls and tests of her health but also to KEEP her body SAFE! So there is a guarantee that the girl is HEALTHY!

When it comes about the customer, there is no guarantee that you are perfect healthy, is it?  That’s why when the girl has a doubt about your health or she feels a strange smell, she might see a body skin problem, then she gets reticent about being so permissive to you! It’s human nature after all!






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