Finnish Sauna

Our location has a whole bath room with sauna, shower cabin and toilet. Professional sauna, with REAL stones. Sauna sessions can be separately from massage session or bought together as a package of services, assisted or not by one of our masseuses.

Type of sauna services you can get in our parlor:

Dry sauna:

low humidity, only about 5-10% and room temperature can get up to 90 Celsius grades. There is no need to pour water over heated stones.

Wet sauna:

proper temperatures to practice this type of sauna are 75 – 85 Celsius, with a humidity of 15-30%. You need to pour water over the heated stones from time to time. As often you pour water on the stones, as high the humidity level goes.

Steam sauna:

realized at temperatures of 45-64 Celsius, with a high level of humidity (40 – 60%). Its the type of sauna mostly recommended for facial pores opening and cleaning.

Advantages of sauna:

Sauna helps the skin pores to open and cleans them deeply.  Physical relaxation and mental one is the biggest reason you should try sauna for.  The heat has the role to relax the muscles, and if you receive a massage after, you get the best result.

Sweating is good and helps you release the toxins out of your body. Keep in mind that as much water you drink while you take sauna, as much you will sweat and release more toxins out of your body.

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