Passion Massage

We believe that a massage can only feel good when it’s done with passion! That’s why we carefully select our girls and we do not offer the simple hand job erotic like other salons. The Passion massage session can last 45 minutes or 75 minutes to match your availability and for different prices.

Passion massage session includes showers with the girl soaping each other in a Jacuzzi bath tub, music in the background and discrete lights. You can also ask for separate shower rooms. In the massage room after the shower, you will receive the professional relaxing massage as well as an unlimited number of happy endings done by the girl’s body (between breasts, between ass cheeks, with the neck and so on). You can touch the girl’s body; you can kiss her body. This session is always customized to match your mood and requests, but please keep in mind at all times that our girls DO NOT provide any type of sexual contact!

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